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    Reserve Morne Seychellois

    • Saint Louis, Seychelles
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      Morne Seychellois - a beautiful nature reserve, located on the island of Mahe. It is located at an altitude of 905 meters and is the highest point in the Seychelles. This place is famous for its fresh air, unique landscapes and rich fauna. It is surrounded by magnificent scenic hills covered with bright green vegetation. The total area of ​​the reserve is 30 square kilometers. Routed through the park trails with route guidance that will help you reach the most amazing Morne Seychellois places.

      Among the local vegetation is dominated by tropical trees and shrubs that cover the hillsides. Here you can also find a variety of exotic flowers, such as Pachypodium namakvansky, Impala Lily and Cannes. Of the fauna are frequently encountered monkeys, vultures, hornbills and spotted hyenas.

      One of the most exciting places of the reserve is a hill Morne Blanc with its beautiful tea plantations. Here you will find only in the Seychelles factory, which produces flavored tea (with mint, vanilla, citrus and cinnamon).

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