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    The top of Morne Blanc

    • Saint Louis, Seychelles
    • The top of Morne Blanc$$
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      Morne Blanc mountain is located on the island of Mahe, Seychelles. Its top, which offers a magnificent view of the whole island, located at an altitude of 907 meters above sea level. That's why here every year thousands of tourists to enjoy the beautiful views of the ocean, to make unique images and breathe clean air. At the top of Morne Blanc grow ancient relic plants, through which this area was recognized reserved. There is also a small tea plantation and a tavern in which you can bask and enjoy delicious teas. At the top of the mountain is pretty cool, so it pays to bring warm clothes.

      Here is a beautiful wooden platform that raises the tourists above the timberline. This place is perfect for a picnic at sunset and a romantic date. Get to the top of Morne Blanc, you can by walking trail, or on the lift in just 15 minutes. Here you will be welcomed and offered to tour course for hotel fee. Popular entertainment of tourists in these places there is horseback riding and hiking in the woods for mushrooms.

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