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    Beach Anse Intendanse

    • Takamaka, Seychelles
    • Beach Anse Intendanse$$
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      Anse Intendanse - beautiful beach, located on the south - west of the island of Mahe, which is often recommended to attend to all who rest in the Seychelles. The length of its arc of sand surrounded by beautiful coconut palms, is 500 meters, and the width - 20 meters. This place is perfect for a family holiday, as coastal depth here reaches only 3 meters. Anse Intendanse very popular with snorkellers, as close to the beach is a diving center.

      In these places you can be alone with nature and enjoy the perfect white sand and beautiful mountains covered with lush vegetation. The infrastructure is poorly developed beach - here you will not find restaurants, bars and shops. Also at this location There are no tents, chairs and umbrellas - the only shelter from the scorching sun shade stands of deciduous trees.

      At the entrance to the beach with a small sign that says in five languages, which says that crawl ashore for rare sea turtles that would lay eggs, so visitors should be fairly accurate.

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