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    La Digue

    • La Reunion, Seychelles
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      La Digue - it is the fourth largest island in the Seychelles archipelago, which lies off the east coast of Africa. Its length is only 5 km and width - 3 km. Here lie the beautiful korіchnego and coconut plantations, and around them are located several picturesque bays in which they live huge Galápagos tortoise. Occupies a large area of ​​the island mountain Neither Degli, which rises to a height of 300 meters above sea level.

      On La Digue sea coconut palms grow, the fruits of which reach 20 kg. The beaches on the island is very interesting, because the local sand has a delicate shade of pink. The sea is crystal clear, but near the shore are strong currents, and therefore should be very careful. The island is surrounded by magnificent coral reef, which has become a popular destination for divers from around the world. The most popular beach areas are Grand Anse, Anse Petyt and Anse Cocos.

      Symbol of the island paradise flycatcher stands - one of the rarest birds in the world. She lives only on La Digue and is under state protection. One of the local attractions is the Creole cottage, which was once filmed "Emmanuel." Now he belongs to the president of the Seychelles.

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