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    Cousin Island

    • Anse Kerlan, Seychelles
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      Cousin Island - a small granite island, which belongs to the Seychelles archipelago. Cousins ​​lies two kilometers to the west of the island of Praslin and is a natural nature reserve and ecological resort.

      Cousins ​​- very small island. Its area is only 27 acres, and the length is less than one kilometer. At the heart of Cousin - granite rock, so its beaches are not as colorful as many coral islands of the Seychelles archipelago. Anyway - Kuzin not intended to idle tourists. Guests can look forward to many severe restrictions on the island can not picnic, swim in arbitrary locations, collect shells on the beach and even smoking. All of these actions can damage Cousin fragile ecosystem.

      But for bird watchers, this island - a real find. In this unique nature reserve nest over 300,000 seabirds, some are endemic species - they are found only here. In addition, here you can admire the giant sea ​​turtles, which are also chosen an island here and lay their eggs. Among the fans of eco-tourism island Cousin is very popular - other place to be found.

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