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    Fregate Island

    • La Reunion, Seychelles
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      Frigate - granite island in the archipelago of the Seychelles. In the center of the island rises 120 meters high mountain signal. Quite small in size - 2 miles long and 1 mile wide - the island attracts beautiful beaches, vibrant tropical vegetation and incredibly diverse world of birds. Here nest about 40 species of birds. Many of them are very rare - for example, blue pigeons, charming terns, Seychelles DIAL and frigates, which gave the name of this island.

      But the main feature of the island - a pirate treasure, which, according to legend, is buried here. Despite the fact that no one has found the treasure, are periodically cards and things that might belong to the pirates.

      Another attraction of the frigates - huge turtles, chosen by the coast of the island. Some individuals live up to 150 years.

      Frigate is private, open to tourists only since 1998. That is why there is no well-developed tourist infrastructure, but lovers of solitude, untouched nature, he will like.

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