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    National Park Vallée de Mai

    • Baie Sainte Anne, Seychelles
    • National Park Vallée de Mai$$
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      National Park Vallée de Mai is located in the center of the island of Praslin, Seychelles. With an area of ​​19.6 hectares, most of which is a beautifully preserved palm forests dominated Seychelles endemic palms, whose seeds are the largest among all plants. The climate of the park - a tropical, humid enough, which is characterized by small fluctuations in temperature. The dry season lasts from April to September, during the northeast monsoon, and wet - from October to March, during the period northeast monsoon. Annual precipitation in the national park is 2200 mm.

      On the territory of Vallée de Mai is rare endemic subspecies of the black parrot native to the island and done here directly depends on the palm forest park. In 1994, there were 105 species of birds, among which the most popular are: blue pigeon, Seychelles kestrel, Seychelles bulbul, Seychelles sunbird and swiftlets endemіchny. Among the exotic birds that live in the park, it is worth noting the Indian property and owl. From here there are two mammals species - Seychelles Bat and Flying Fox, as well as rare nasyakomaednyh - streaked, imported here from Madagascar.

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