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    Cape Cap Barbie

    • La Reunion, Seychelles
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      On the north side of the island of La Digue is a beautiful Cape - Cape Barbie surrounded by coves and Severra Loken. Its width is 128 meters and the length - 210 meters. Here there are huge ferns, palms and breadfruit trees, the fruit of which weigh up to 20 pounds in the Middle Ages considered the eighth wonder of the world. To the cape is the island's only road encircles it on the perimeter. Located in the middle of an ancient cemetery, where are buried the first colonists who arrived here from the island of Bourbon (Modern Reunion).

      Magnificent views of the bay from the Cape opens Severra, it attracts a lot of photographers to take pictures of it in all its glory. Landscapes of the neighborhood also excite the minds of many artists who are annually sent to the island to paint a picture with evening silhouettes of majestic coastal cliffs. Only here you can see rare species of birds - Paradise catcher who is listed in the Red Book. Around the Cap Barbie has wonderful places for diving enthusiasts, since you can swim with giant sea turtles and see the beautiful underwater world of coral reefs.

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