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    Museum of Natural History

    • Victoria, Seychelles
    • Museum of Natural History$$
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      Natural History Museum - a popular natural history museum, located in central Victoria, Seychelles. The museum is one of the city's main attractions and is popular with tourists.

      The Natural History Museum is located in an old mansion of the nineteenth century and has a fine collection of exhibits, which you can learn the history of the development of the Seychelles, their flora and fauna. The museum has a lot of skeletons and stuffed animals, you can see the huge turtle shells, seashells and unique variety of local fruit trees - the largest coconuts in the world.

      In other rooms, you can admire the beautiful dioramas that show the seabed, as well as to consider the collection of various artifacts raised from the sunken ships. In one of the exhibition halls is the skeleton of a merchant ship, crashed off the coast of the island in 1570.

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