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    The village of Grand Anse

    • Grand Anse Praslin, Seychelles
    • The village of Grand Anse$$
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      The village of Grand Anse is the main town of the island Praslin, Seychelles. This place attracts many tourists for its beautiful scenery, sandy beaches, as well as a variety of flora and fauna. The area of ​​the village is 2 square kilometers, and the population - 1,235 people (according to statistics from 2011). There is a building of the district administration, two old churches, small football field and, of course, lots of souvenir shops. The main local landmark act Two of the monument, located in the northern part of the village.

      Locals Grand Anse live in small wooden houses whose roofs are made of dried palm leaves. There's no infrastructure - so many tourists come to the astonishment of seeing the living conditions of indigenous settlers. For here are equipped with Special holiday home with everything you need - shower, air conditioning, and even satellite TV.

      This place is perfect for lovers of African life and culture, as well as the desire to enjoy the unique scenery, which occupy the cover of magazines and calendars.

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