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    Bay St. Anne

    • Cote d'Or, Seychelles
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      Bay St. Anne - a picturesque corner of nature on the island of Praslin. The length of its beaches is about 10 km. This place attracts many tourists with its turquoise water, which has a huge range of colors, a variety of fauna and flora, as well as the beautiful scenery. There is a small port, capable of accommodating small cruise ships. The bay is inaccessible, you can get here only by means of water transportation.

      Its main attraction is the remains of a sunken ship, which is not far from the shore. This place attracts a lot of divers from all over the world and takes cover calendars and travel magazines. In 2000 here filmed fragment famous Mexican series "Rescue".

      On the St. Anna Bay harbor views of the neighboring islands of Mahe and La Digue. Every year there are competitions in surfing and diving, as well as various cultural events of the island.

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